Corrado Chiozzi


  1. How can I book?

    It's pretty simple. Just send me an email for check my availability. After we will have a meeting where we can discuss my services and your needs further and, in case you will decide, you can book my service with a deposit and we sign a contract.

  2. Which packages do you offer?

    My packages are pretty simple. You can choose for half day or a full day covering on a week day, or a full day covering on the weekend. You will get a minimum of 250 photos on a half day and a minimum of 500 photos on a full day, in high resolution files. The album is not included but available on request. Get in touch for an exact quote for your day.

  3. Are travel expenses included?

    No, unless the wedding takes place in London, they are not included.

  4. Do you work alone or with an assistant or a second photographer?

    I work alone, without assistant. In case of wedding with more that 150 guests, and on couple's request, is possible to have a second photographer.

  5. How do you work during the day? Do we need to pose?

    I work in an unobtrusive way, always around but never in the middle. I use my style that you ca see on my street photography. So no, you don't have to pose, be natural and don't think about me. Although most clients want some group photos which, of course, I am happy to do. We will decide the details in our meeting before the wedding.

  6. Do you post process your photos?

    Because I use digital yes, I post process my photos that are shot in raw (it means a kind of digital negative), but my processing is very simple and light, working on camera for have a photo as much as possible ready on camera. The file's shot and the final photos are pretty much similar. I like the photos to look as natural as possible.

  7. Are you insured?

    I am full insured with professional indemnity and pubic liability insurance.