Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

A Banking Success Story

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) has hit a home run with its innovative savings program known as Danamon Hadiah Beruntun (DHB). This program has been up and running from April through September 2023, and it’s been a game-changer. The success of this program has had a significant impact on the rise of third-party funds (DPK) collected, and this fantastic result has paved the way for a second round of the program.

On September 30, 2023, after the conclusion of the first phase, DHB conducted the second draw for Quarterly Prizes across 12 regions throughout Indonesia. It was an exciting event, including the draw for the Grand Prize, which happened to be a Tesla. This grand occasion also marked the conclusion of the first phase of the DHB program.

Positive Response and Future Prospects

The response from both existing and new Danamon customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Ivan Jaya, Consumer Funding & Wealth Business Head, noted, “The enthusiasm of existing and their new customers indicates that the first period of Danamon Hadiah Beruntun has been successful. We will continue this program in anticipation of 2024.” It’s clear that the program has struck a chord and is poised for further success.

Winning Big with Danamon Hadiah Beruntun

During the first phase of Danamon Hadiah Beruntun, more than 50,000 lucky winners from all corners of Indonesia walked away with fantastic prizes. These prizes included monthly cashback rewards, quarterly wins like Innova Zenix Hybrid, Mitsubishi Xpander Exceed, Logam Mulia, and shopping vouchers. On top of that, the grand prizes were truly grand, featuring a Tesla, a Mercedes-Benz, Logam Mulia, and even more shopping vouchers.

The winner of the grand prize, a Tesla Model 3, hails from the Jakarta region. Two other lucky winners each received a Mercedes-Benz C Class, coming from the cities of Pontianak and Medan. It’s evident that the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program has had a substantial, positive impact on Danamon’s business, especially in terms of third-party funds (DPK) collection.

Strong Financial Growth

Since the introduction of the DHB program to Danamon customers, there has been a remarkable 6-8% increase in DPK for the Consumer business within the bank. This six-month growth is in line with Danamon’s long-term strategy for organic and sustainable expansion of its consumer banking customer base. The results are both impressive and promising.

Danamon Attracting New Customers and Building Loyalty

The Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program has not only retained the loyalty of existing customers but has also drawn significant interest from new customers, particularly from Danamon Privilege & Danamon Optimal clients. This growth is evident in the threefold increase in the number of new customers compared to the previous year. The program’s unique value proposition clearly sets it apart from others in the market, offering customers bigger and more frequent chances to win. The journey to financial success and rewarding customers continues as Danamon paves the way for more exciting developments in the future.

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